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Efficient processes

There are several paths to achieving the development integrity that is demanded by functional safety, SOTIF, and cybersecurity. Whichever path you take, we will be your sparring partner in your approach, and additionally either Assessor or a helping hand. We know the most different strategies to efficiently meet the requirements of the standards in your project without reinventing the wheel.


Understanding the standard

Especially an extensive standard like ISO 26262 is closely interwoven between its parts. Our day-to-day work with this set of standards enables us to see and apply the whole picture.


Modern development

We understand Agile, Continuous Integration, and Test-Driven development. At first glance, these modern development concepts appear to be at odds with safety standards. But we know how to combine the two to deliver efficiency and integrity in one.


Product Integrity

Product Integrity


Evaluation of development processes
Measurement of process quality

Functional Safety

Counters hazards emanating from malfunctions


Counters hazards emanationg from the defined function


Counters unauthorized intervention to the system


A product release stands on two legs:

A solid safety and cyber security case and an independent assessment report.

The assessment provides additional confidence to the management and approvers of a product that the project team has considered all relevant aspects. After all, our standards, especially ISO 26262, have hundreds of requirements for development activities.

In addition, an assessment during development gives the project team itself the confidence that all important aspects have been addressed adequately and in good time. From the team's point of view, this turns the assessor from an unpopular auditor into a partner-like companion.


It doesn't help if only one understands. Everyone needs to understand.

Our training courses support your personnel in gaining competence by applying the taught theory in intensive practical group work. There is a red line running through the entire group work, which consolidates the basic understanding of safety-oriented development by means of an accompanying examination of the work results in the style of a safety assessment.

Our modular on-demand online training offers the highest flexibility on the market in terms of start, duration and depth of the training. The state-of-the-art concept allows for customized online, blended, or on-site training with testing and certification in addition to our standard certification paths. With this, you get the required evidence to meet ISO 26262:2018-2, section 5.4.4 “Competence Management”.

About us

Munich Safety GmbH was founded in 2019 by Hendrik Meyl. Previously, he was active since 2011 in various roles of safety-relevant developments of different industries, including automotive, aerospace and rail. The various projects led him via stringent review activities, QM site representative, internal assessments, Functional Safety Management to Functional Safety Assessor at an accredited inspection body type A of TÜV SÜD.

Today, Munich Safety GmbH serves with its employees a wide variety of customers around the globe on the topics of functional safety and ASPICE™. Together with the partner network, related topics such as SOTIF, cybersecurity and other safety standards are also addressed.

Munich Safety is active in various committees, including intacs™ and DIN.